Our Band Is Cool

Submitted by Jennie Delisi, music therapist/therapeutic services coordinator

With excitement and some nervousness, the band members of the AT Real-Time Band waited in the lobby of Augsburg College’s Foss Chapel for their turn to present.  They had prepared for weeks:  getting their powerpoint presentation together, practicing their songs, and planning out the event.  Like pros they got to the stage and set up.  This presentation was for the Spring Conference of the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota, and though they have played at conferences before, this was their first time doing a presentation and playing.  They did a fantastic job as they told the history of their band, how much fun they have had, and the surprises they have had along the way.

Clinicians afterward approached the band leader to tell her how inspired they were by seeing the band play and hearing their story directly from them.  They hoped to try having a similar band at their facilities, such as with individuals on ventilators.  They were excited to go back to their facilities and try different ways to use assistive technology to increase people’s independence to create and play music.

Below are the band members’ slides from their presentation.  The band performed Tequila and If I Had A Million Dollars.  A special thank-you on behalf of the band to the group home staff and family members who supported them to get to this event, as well as to Lifeworks staff:  Leah, Kelly, Annie and Jenna.  Stay tuned for an announcement about our next gig, coming soon!

lifeworks A.T. band slideshow

lifeworks A.T. band slideshow

lifeworks A.T. band slideshow

lifeworks A.T. band slideshow

lifeworks A.T. band slideshow


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