Now Entering: Base Camp

Base Camp is the brain child of Northern Star Council and Boy Scouts of America connecting the community to interactive and inspiring activities. Base Camp features engaging challenges that focus on experiential learning. These activities reward participants with pride, accomplishment, and character. A few examples of the challenges include a climbing tower, high ropes course, archery range, and even a NASA space shuttle simulator.

Ann Huddleson and Sherry Campeau pumped up after the high ropes course at Base Camp

Part of Lifeworks participation in the Boy Scouts of America Venturing program, a program that is offered to both men and women with disabilities, opened their access to the new Base Camp center.  When Base camp was approached about Lifeworks eagerness to visit the center, the staff at Base Camp were both thrilled and accommodating.  They were excited to focus on the abilities and enthusiasm of those supported by Lifeworks. 

Twenty Lifeworks attendees were supported by six Base Camp specialists on three occasions to participate in the full gamut of Base Camp courses.  The experience was chalk full of learning opportunities.  Some of the courses, like the high ropes course, were intimidating and challenging. The event is built not as entertainment, but as a learning experience.  Lifeworks participants had to overcome their fears and offer encouragement to their teammates. Many participants tried activities and overcame obstacles they thought they would never attempt. It was truly a rewarding memory no one will forget.

Lifeworks participants mentally preparing for Base Camp action!

“I was scared, but in the end I did it!” – Ann Huddleson, Lifeworks client

“It was a real confidence booster.  It gave people the chance to get together and cheer each other on.  It was a big deal to a lot of people” – Sherry Campeau, Lifeworks staff

Soon, Lifeworks hopes to enter the walls of Base Camp again. Next time, who knows what wonderful adventures will await them?

Visit to see what fun adventures are happening at a Lifeworks close to you!


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