A Night to Remember – Lifeworks 2011 Annual Celebration

On April 21, more than 850 people gathered at The Depot in Minneapolis to celebrate and honor Lifeworks clients and those who support them at the 2011 Lifeworks Annual Celebration, “Better Together.”  

The 2011 Lifeworks Annual Celebration

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The evening began with a cocktail reception for all guests in The Depot’s Great Hall. Guests welcomed each other, viewed the Lifeworks Traveling Art Show, and bid on framed artwork by Lifeworks clients. Guests later moved to The Depot’s Pavilion for dinner and the evening’s program.

In her opening remarks, Judy Lysne, president and CEO of Lifeworks kicked off the program and introduced the nights theme, Better Together.

“On our own we can do some pretty great things; together, anything is possible.” said Lysne.

By the end of the evening, Judy’s statement was continuously reinforced. Many guests were moved to tears watching inspiring videos highlighting achievements of each of the year’s award winners, including:

Employer of the Year

 Dart Transit

Advocate of the Year

Brenna Finke, volunteer at Lifeworks Brooklyn Park

Personal Achievement

Kerry Houston, client of Lifeworks Brooklyn Park and employed at Unitron Hearing

Personal Achievement

Joe Branham, client of Lifeworks Burnsville and employed at Ecolab

Auctioneer Glen Fladeboe at the Lifeworks Annual Celebration

Following the award presentation, auctioneer Glen Fladeboe took the floor for a live auction and a special ask for transportation. After all was said and done, Lifeworks had raised nearly $117,000 through sponsorships, registrations, auctions, and donations. Thank  you everyone for your generous support!

As guests left the hall with farewells and smiling faces, it was obvious that this was truly a night to remember.


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One response to “A Night to Remember – Lifeworks 2011 Annual Celebration

  1. Paul Brick

    Dear Judy Lydnse, Hello there, how are things going. I hope you enjoyed the annual celebrations this year. I was in Paris, France at that time. I hope to see you there next year.

    Paul Brick from Cargill Animal Nutrition.

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