Welcome to the Lifeworks Blog!

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the new Lifeworks Blog. In the past few weeks, Lifeworks has made its mark on the world of social media, setting up a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, a LinkedIn Group, and now a blogspace. It is our hope that these channels will allow you to communicate with, advocate for, and stay in-touch with Lifeworks in a convenient, real-time manner.

Our blog will not only be your gateway into the many different programs and services at Lifeworks, but will also be a resource for the disability community in general. Our goal is to provide you with weekly updates and stories about each facet of the organization and give you a chance to engage and interact with us on these topics.

In the coming weeks, you’ll read stories of personal achievement and self-advocacy from the people we serve, successes in our search for supported employment in the community, the impact of volunteers throughout Lifeworks, families who work with Lifeworks as a Fiscal Support Entity, and more.

It is with much excitement that I welcome you to the Lifeworks Blog and encourage you to not only follow our posts, but also interact with us and make this space a forum for engaging discussion around the topics and stories we share with you about our disability community.

Warm regards,

Judy Lysne
President and CEO
Lifeworks Services


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